Lament for the Moon

I pray to the pale face of the Moon Whom I’d scorned Bathed in white Circling, lost in night — Let me cower, let me swoon Let me fall prey to this room Bathed in silence Taut and still tonight. In you, fellow lioness I’d seen a sliver dying light A trace of divinity In […]

My Mourning Clothes

Wearing my mourning clothes I buried my young Hope. I’d found her that morning in the crib asleep— Alas, the kind of sleep Dream’s sister brings In the cloak of the dark. Her soft eyes would not stir Nor were her lips so blushing with breath And her skin a white veil wore Like a […]

Not Your Metaphor (TW)

Trigger Warning: Rape, Child Abuse Credit again to my friend over at Shell Gamesfor recording! “My life,” the child cries “is not your metaphor.” Her small body freshly raped Is torn asunder. Hemorrhaging. Internally bleeding. Her not-fully-formed Fragile small being Was not made to take such cruelty. A mirror Hammered to bits She is— If […]