A Poem for my Nieces – Part I


My friend assures me that he was just trying to get a good focus with the camera, not zoom in on my boobs. Forgive him, he only meant to help.

A good friend taught me that great friends may be gone
But they never truly leave.
An old friend shattered my confidence
Leaving me scattered shadows
In the forest.
I am not a child of God and
I did not come here to dance with angels.
I came here to feast with monsters.
So into the shadows it was inevitable I’d go
Yet it is quiet here.
It is dark here.
And yes, it is lonely here.
Though I remember that energy can neither be created
Nor destroyed
And that we are all, in fact
Besides, in the forest there are mushrooms and flowers and toads
And everyone knows that faeries live under mushroom-caps
Flowers sing songs to attract their bees
And toads are only princes in need of rescuing.
And remember that what can happen will
And that there is more that is unseen than is
And remember, Horatio, that there is more in heaven and earth
Than can ever be dreamt of.
When they try to tell you that if it cannot be seen
Nor smelled nor heard nor touched
Then it cannot be real –
Think of Vincent’s unsteady brush
And remember that even the senses lie.
But I am far, far flung.
You cannot see me. Can you hear me?
Then hear me when I say:
We were all thrown far and wide
When the Universe erupted into being.
And maybe it is true…
That great friends are never gone, though they may leave.
But if we are all star dust
Then is it not inevitable
That someday we will be
Carried away on the wind?


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