I should have noted long before now that my friend over at Shell Games is the one who usually records these readings at Cush Cafe. If you’re into gaming and/or literature you should check out his reviews, which are often one part game review and one part close reading. They’re pretty fun. 🙂

Let me tell you something
About this, our beautiful Mother Gaia…
She doesn’t give a shit about you
Or me
Or any other one of us
Just as she didn’t give a shit about
Tyrannosaurus rex or
Apatosaurus or
Any of the others.
We are but a speck of time
On her great scale of life and un-life
And we will be gone
And once we are
Our great Mother Earth won’t feel a thing.
She does not need saving—
What a pompous thought—
And you are not fighting for her.
You are fighting for you
For this is the only place
We have to call home—
How frightening to see it go—
This twirling whirling globe
Which abides not by your laws
Of life and death
Being and un-being
But by the greater expanse of the universe’s laws
Of expansion and collapse.
We will my friend collapse
And when we do
This planet of ours—
Though never ours to possess—
Will heal
As she always has
As she always does.
She will go on, Great and Bloodthirsty Gaia
As she always has
As she always will—
Evolution will persist
Like it did in days of yore
When mammals rose up to fill
The space left by thunderous dinosaurs’ collapse
For nature hates a void
So quickly will the void we leave
Be snapped up by something greater
Or by something smaller.
Or else not a single bit of this will happen
At all
And Gaia will abide
Collapsing soul first
Into an ever expanding sun
Reduced to dust
And ash.
Or maybe the sun will have long since died
And maybe it will pull her inside
Cold, gaping and raw
That hungry black void maw—
But either way
We’ll be gone.
The best we can do is carve out something good
For the children who will fill our voids when we come to pass
And that—YES—we are obliged to do
But let us not pretend
We are fighting for anything other than
A scrap more time.
In the end we, too, are dust
And ash
And fire consumed
We are molecules
Reincarnated and when we die
We will become molecules once more
Elsewhere reincarnating—
We cannot save this planet.
She doesn’t need saving.
We can only save each other
And in the end
Energy can neither be created
Nor destroyed, my friend.


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