The Best Love Song (spoilers: not a real song)

You are my firefly.
By which I don’t mean the insect—
I mean the spaceship
Soaring high into the skies!
We are proud and we are bold
We are rebel to the bone
And no one can ever take the ski-es fro-om us!
Because you are my

You are my little blue box
Okay I’ll say it plain you are my
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space machine—
Take us to the stars!
Take us back to meet the bronto—I mean…
Then take us far into the distance
The future far away so we can see
Our dying sun’s last and final glory—
Oh, you, you!
My little blue box,
You are bigger on the inside—

You are my X Wing
Gliding, soaring—
Cutting sharp turns and whipping like a crack
No one is as quick to dodge or counter
As you and I
As we sail the stars and the sky
Small but mighty we can do anything
Take high, high, higher still—
Take us forth to conquer
Even the Death Star can’t stop us now
Me and you, my X Wing.

Me and you
My darling, my love.


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