The Man Who Could Not Die and Manic Depression

As I’m sure you’ve noticed this blog is primarily dedicated to poetry, despite the fact that I am primarily a fiction writer, not a poet. However, on this fine day, I would like to share some art work that is neither fiction nor poetry.

About a month ago now I dedicated seven hours to working on this 18 in X 24 in pastels/charcoal/ink/graphite/colored pencil picture. The story behind it is someone else’s to tell, not mine, so that shall be saved for another time and another place (a place not here). Nonetheless, I am supremely happy with the outcome of this project. See the work in progress:

In Progress

See a very blurry “detail” picture:


See the final product:

final (1)

So there you go. Some non-words art for y’all.


9 thoughts on “The Man Who Could Not Die and Manic Depression

  1. I love this! The black worm ghosts seem friendly, if a little creepy. I’m assuming from the title that the friendliness is not real, that the black worm ghosts are trouble, but with the bright colours in the picture and all the waving, it makes for a great contrast. I want this to be an animation so I can see where it goes.
    Makes me think it might continue a bit like this


    1. Oh yes, I remember Suicide Mouse. X)

      The person whose ideas this was based on, he’s been wanting to write a comic book for a while. I offered the other day to help him write it and I have some ideas for what the first few pages would look like, though I don’t think I would want to be the person illustrating it. I might mock up those first few pages for him to see what he thinks, though. If I do I’ll slap them up here so you can see what it ends up looking like. πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s very sad and beautiful, I especially liked
        “They hang on like ticks in your skin
        Like a hook in the gill
        They seep down through the muscle and sinew
        Soak in through the bones
        And make your marrow their home”
        Pain into a beauty is like the writers’ alchemy, I’m glad you have the recipe.

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