Unconventional Love by Good Mourning Publishing

Because I very likely won’t be able to make it to the poetry readings for the next two Tuesdays (though I will be able to make it to the slam this coming Friday — fingers crossed that I make the lottery again, that my luck hasn’t run out) I wanted to throw something on the blog in the meantime: Good Mourning Publishing just released its newest collection of short stories, Unconventional Love, which features a short story I wrote! It’s the first non-pagan, non-university writing credit I have under my belt.


I know. Very exciting. Okay, probably not for you, but certainly for me.

Unfortunately, as soon I flipped to look at my glorious story on the glorious page — title with my byline beneath it — I found a glaring editorial error: the first half of my story appears to have been lopped off.

I don’t know if this is the case for the Kindle version as well or if this is only a paperback error, but either way it gave me a serious case of the bummers. For, like, a second considering that it’s too late to do anything about it. Judging by the the nature of the error it would seem that the whole story didn’t copy into the master document that was sent to the printers and the error simply wasn’t caught in time, not a huge deal and certainly not a personal slight (though I do wish it was an error that had effected someone else’s work, not mine — maybe this means my luck will hold for the poetry, slam?).


Though it is a bit of a bummer, and it did make me pause to wonder if this is a story I can use in my publication history or if I should avoid referencing it (spoiler alert: I’ll still use it in my publication history as the error does not reflect on me as an author or my story) it’s still awesome to see my name properly in print. It’s still a publication credit and it’s still the highest paid story I’ve sold, so even though my story got a bit decapitated it’s still a win, I think.

To balance the thing out, when I’m next able to make it to Page 2 Poetry‘s reading I think I’ll read what I can of this story before my time is up. Hopefully I’ll have that to throw your way sooner rather than later, but we’ll see how my next two Tuesdays work out.

Until then, lycka till med dina historier och dikter.


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