I’m a Goodreads Author now!

Granted, I may only have two things listed on Goodreads, both of them being collections featuring a stories by me and neither particularly representative of my writing as a whole (and one of them lopped in half — oh the horror!) but it’s still pretty cool! And, ideally, the list of my published things Goodreads acknowledges will soon be growing. There’s already a couple of tomes on the Goodreads that features a piece by me but which doesn’t list me, and I’ll be looking into how to correct that.


Even though I don’t have a lot listed with my byline, I am VERY active on the Goodreads. I’m trying to get into the habit of reviewing every book I read instead of just rating them, and I do try to read a lot. If you’re on the Goodreads, please come find me and let’s be friends there, too! We can exchange book recommendations and it’ll be just too cool. šŸ™‚


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