Letter to Lu__


I wanted to tell you
One last time
But was swept away by unpredictable tides
And my chance slipped away to say:
You are fantastic.
I will not lie
You are troublesome—
With your energy like
A pot boiling over
And your sometimes
Potty mouth.
But you are not bad.
I hope you know that.
You are fantastic
Though I will not lie
You are a handful like
None other.
People will get mad at you.
People will let their frustration overflow.
Don’t let them convince you that
Their inability to contain themselves
Is your bad.
It’s not.
Should one blame it on ADHD?
Or the trauma of your very young life
Torn asunder by the blunder
Of adults?
Or both?
Genuinely I do not know—let me let you in
On the teeniest of secrets:
None of us know what we are doing.
We are all doing our best.
That is all we can ask of each other—and of you.
You are good.
And you will figure this all out.
I promise.
You are capable.
I see it in you—
And if they treat you less like you
And more like a misbehaving dog
Tell them to sod off.
They are wrong.
Do not let them.
Keep being good.
Find all inside of you that is good
And grow it bigger.
Keep being you.
Learn you inside and out
And do all you can do
To flourish goodness out of the muck and
Keep living.
Keep loving bright.


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