The Spirit of Jezebel


A reclamation.

We are the spirit of Jezebel
Be we unleashed
Be we great.
We are the spirit of Jezebel
Thine arms
For our restraint.
Be we not restrained.
We are the spirit of Jezebel
Calling up the ancients
The wisdom
Of lions.

We are unbound
Unbound we shall be
Upon our brows set
We are fierce.
We are unbound
Fearless in the face of you
Seeking to dismay us
With chains.
We are evermore unbound
Bending not
To the plight of fanatics and
The extremism pulling at our seams
We will not be tamed
By threats and jests
You are but ants
To us.

We are unburned
Where you sought to secure us to the pole
And cast us down to hounds
Be our breasts filled not with screams
But with the laughter of the vindicated.
We are unburned
Witches overseeing the currents
Running their course through you
You creatures of fear
May your fear ring out
For we will not be consumed.
We are unburned
Adorned in ashes, or gold
Be we godly, be we good—
But not in the eyes
Of your simpering divine.

You have tried
To burn us out.
Witches, we’ve grown used to the flame.
It tickles.
In the cold harsh winter we are thankful
For the warmth.
Try evermore
To weed us out.
Return, we always do.
We will to us gather your castaways.
To live unbound is to live
Your era ends
Not with a proud roar but with
a whimper.
And in the rubble we stand.
We are unburned.
We are unbound.
We are the spirit
of Jezebel.


Unrelated side note: I’ve been slacking on getting these things up. I’ve been having some minor depression flares but I’m hoping to get back on the ball here, starting with actually getting poems from tonight’s reading posted tomorrow instead of at the end of the week. 🙂


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