Letter to S_____


If the numbers are slippy and slidy
And shape-shifty and weird
That’s okay.
Don’t worry.
You’ve got this.
Your brain is amazing
And it may be tricky but
You’ve got this.
Even if your beautiful brain trips
On those slippery trickery
Don’t worry.
You’ve got this.
If someone tries to tell you
That the faint slant of your brown eyes
Inherited from your mother
Means that your world should be those
Slippery trickery numbers
Unleash your potty mouth
(I know it’s there—
A potty mouth to make me proud)
And make so clear to them
You are not theirs to define.
not theirs to label.
to type cast.
You are yours to be.
Keep making your art.
Keep loving it.
Keep telling your jokes.
Keep loving it.
Be bright.
For you are.
Even if your bright isn’t the type
They’d like you to be
You are bright.
You are fantastic.
And wonderful.
And you will be great.
How I miss the presence
Of your ever budding greatness.

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