GRE Vocab Haikus (2)

Bucolic (adj) rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants.
I fear a return
To bucolic country-sides.
Narrow minds reside.

(For context: in a few months I’ll be moving to a small rural town not unlike the one I grew up in. In the interview for the job I’m getting there they literally asked me if I’d be capable of working in a culturally insensitive and sometimes intolerant place. My response to that was “Well, that’s what I grew up in, so I have some experience with it. I think I’ll be okay.” But that doesn’t mean I’m particularly excited about it, though I am excited to live in a place that’s more forests and fields than apartment buildings and businesses again, so there is that.)

Castigation (noun) severe criticism or punishment.
Hold your tongue. Save your
Castigation for me, I’m
In need of humbling.

Chary (adj) wary; cautious; sparing.
I walk down the street
Chary. How I might now seem?
Predator, or prey?


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