Calls for Submissions for Trans, Queer, Intersex Pagans

I’ve never done the “reblog” thing here, but I would like to spread word of this call for submissions far and wide.

Trans Pagan: Life at the Intersection of Faith and Gender and Arcane Perfection Anthology are opening up to submissions in response to recent backlash against the trans community within the pagan community. I think it is absolutely wonderful that these publications are opening up to give marginalized voices in an already minority religion a platform from which to speak to their experiences and hopefully combat the hate and ignorance being expressed in other corners.

As a pagan I find it absolutely reprehensible that there are people I’m sharing this umbrella with who find ignorance, hatred, and exclusion to be acceptable. I’m also rarely active in the pagan community because my own brand of paganism is often enough maligned and viewed as quite wicked through a decidedly Christianized lens, but on this front I want to be quite vocal.

I am not trans, genderqueer, or intersex. Being cis, I am quite freaking privileged. But I won’t overlook the oppression heaped upon my pagan brethren. As pagans, what are we if not misfits in a westernized and heavily Christianized society? How can we deign to reject other misfits in this society which so values hegemony over diversity? How can we deign to look the other way when people in our community reject the misfits?

As a pagan I find it to be of the utmost importance to stand up for other marginalized communities and minorities, especially where those communities overlap with ours. The editors of these anthologies are making a point of standing up for this value. I hope that if you’re pagan and trans, you consider submitting to one or both of these anthologies. If you’re a cis pagan but an ally, I hope you share these links far and wide so it reaches the people whose voices need to be heard.

The Blog Of Immanion Press & Megalithica Books

Trans Pagan: Life at the Intersection of Faith and Gender

Email for inquiries and submissions:

Megalithica Books, an imprint of Immanion Press (Stafford, U.K./Portland, OR, U.S.A) is seeking submissions for Trans Pagan: Life at the Intersection of Faith and Gender

This anthology examines the interesectionality of transgender lives and Pagan faith. It will explore such questions as:

  • What does it mean to be transgender?
  • Why are transgender individuals drawn to a Pagan spiritual path?
  • What are the implications for male-female duality in covens and groups that accept transgender members?
  • How can the Pagan community support our Transgender brothers and sisters?
  • What can the Pagan community learn about themselves from transgender individuals?
  • How can we dispel fear and speak to intolerance in the Pagan community and beyond?
  • What unique perspectives can transgender individuals bring to Pagan groups that permit all of us to better understand ourselves and the divine?
  • What…

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