Non Violent Ways to be Strong (coloring book)

Recently at work I was inspired to look for coloring books or coloring pages with themes of non-violent strength. I was dismayed to find that…well…I couldn’t find anything.

How, I wondered, had some other social justice warrior not already made this?

So, I made a coloring book.

cover page

I made this first and foremost for the children of clients at the domestic violence agency I work at but I want it to be available to anyone who might need or want a resource to help their children learn a few tools to deal with things in a healthy and productive way. I’m making no money from this, I don’t feel a need to. I just want it to be available.

I used some pre-existing coloring pages in the design of one of the pages in this book to highlight figures in recent history who we admire for their use of non-violent techniques to enact change. As far as I could tell they were free use, non-copy righted material but if anyone has different information about those images, please let me know.

Please, feel free to download. Feel free to share around. I would like for this to be a tool people have access to to help strengthen the next generation.

PDF Download: Non-Violent Ways to be Strong

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