Character Sketches

Because some things came up I’m out of town and away from my computer so I don’t have access to my poetry, but I can post some five year old character sketches!

Around five years ago was when I first started getting drawn to Norse mythology and the Norse pantheon. As is my habit, I used my writing as a preliminary way of exploring the gods and their stories.

That story was decidedly not good, but in that time I did develop a few different ideas about how I percieve and envision a few of the gods, including Hela (as seen above).

Other mythological characters from the mythology which don’t carry much real resonance with me were going to be featured as main characters in the story, including Lif, the girl who was to survive Ragnarok:

While I may look back on that story as an unfortunate attempt at storytelling, I still feel pretty decent about these drawings. I especially feel good about Lif’s character sketch — so good, in fact, that she’ll probably make an appearance in a different story down the line.


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