Check out this review of Roots, Reality & Rhyme

In addition to revisiting “A Brief Guide to Punctuation” by Gray Thomas, I’ve returned to the beautiful collection “Roots, Reality, & Rhyme” by Turiya Autry in search of poems to share with my upcoming poetry workshop. (The elementary school version has been approved and will start meeting in a week!)

I had the great privilege to not only hear Turiya read at Tsunami Bookstore, but to read in the slam she was opening for. I was humbled by both the power and playfulness in her work and how natural both states seemed to be to her. When I purchased my copy of her collection I had the opportunity to briefly speak with her and was overjoyed and a little shocked when she recognized me from my reading and complimented my poem (say whaaaaa).

As I stand by what I wrote in my original review over on Goodreads, I figured I’d share that here instead of waxing poetic anew:

Here is a review by Tahni:


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