Sigyn, Angrboda (portraits)

Sometimes, being a pagan just means spending hours elbow deep in charcoals and pastels engaging in devotional creativity.


The Sigyn portrait was done a couple years ago now. Since my return from Sweden, Angrboda has become more present in my life than She previously had been (previously She’d wanted nothing to do with me until I did some substantial growing). I’ve found that creating an altar of any sort for Her in my home has been a little tricky, so I thought I’d return to the idea of devotional art as a starting point.


You’ll notice both portraits involve a mask of sorts. This is largely because I have difficulty envisioning faces for my gods/esses, so obscuring the majority of the facial features seemed like a good way to incorporate the sort of un-knowable aspects of these goddesses. In Sigyn’s case in particular, she has appeared to me in multiple meditative states actually wearing a mask like the one depicted.

I still haven’t framed the Sigyn portrait, so I’ll be needing to pick up a frame for both pieces. Hopefully by the end of this coming week, they’ll have taken their places up on my bedroom wall!


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