Every Girl Should Have a Poem Written for Her (18)


An Open Letter to My Nieces

Welcome to this world
You two
Tiny girls—
So small, you are
I pray, you stay—this world of ours
Does not crush you beneath
It’s horrible weight
Oh, oh my…
How quickly you do grow
Shooting right now
Like that Jack’s old bean stalk, you
Shooting into the skies
And yes—I would love to join you
But I’ve lost my wings, it seems…
May you fly ever higher
May your wings never grow so frail
And may you learn from my mistakes
That you may save your own
For better things
You see, I am made of scars
As you will someday be made of yours.
Be proud of those scars
My girls
The winding calligraphy of life
Upon your being—
Such trials as you have survived
And tribulations through which you have come
Whole and, with luck, wiser than before.
So know you are enough.
Even when your ears are met with screams and shouts
And snarls of disappointment or pleas
To be anything but.
Know that still
Even then
You are enough.


This one is obviously a bit different from the others in this writing challenge series. Instead of being for one person it’s for two, and these two happen to get a lot of poems from me. It’s a little ridiculous, actually. If you’ve been following this blog for its entirety you may have noticed that I am prone to writing poems for my nieces which are sappy, all life-lesson-y, and as a result may not always be very great on a technical or poetic level. But they’re young, they don’t know that yet. 🙂

A Poem for my Nieces – Part I

A Poem for my Nieces Part II, or, Things I Want My Nieces to Know


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