Down by the overgrown grove


Take me back to that secret place
Down by the overgrown grove
Where the old stone wall
Crumbles slowly to dust.
Take me down to that place
Where the asphalt crumbles and creaks
And gives way to the moss
And gently encroaching grass.
Sit with me on those disintegrating stones
That we may talk into the dark
Of gods and heroes
And the stars that we know
The songs we will sing
Take me back there again
Let me undo what fools errands I’ve done
Let the night take my sins
And you, my dear
You can have my breath.
Take me down to the old rubble wall
And talk to me of days gone by
Until you’ve brought the tears back into my eyes—
Take me there again
Where once you tried to damn yourself
And to stop you I kissed you lips and whispered

“Damn me instead.”

Take me there where once you did
While you held me so tight
I will never again be able to
Wash the scent of your skin
From mine
Not even if I tried—
Take me there once, once more
So I can listen
To the breath of the world
And your voice lost in it.
Take me to that place
Where I first opened my eyes and saw—
Take me to that place at the edge of the world
And push me gently off.


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