Every Girl Should Have a Poem Written for Her (20)

After so much time
I took my secret and ran
Assured that he would never know.
These dear pages—
They know just how to keep
Their paper-thin lips zipped

Not ready, not right—
Not time

Who am I to be a mother?
Who lies in wait

Afraid of lonely shadows.

No dreams nor nightmares visit me
Of that which I have let go—

We all move on.

The second time this came upon me—
O missed that red blood sorely—
Within myself
My swelling body
At home we stayed
Far from that age-old clinic
I’d last been to.
I brought the littlest girl forth
And into the wilderness we went
Me with my tiny bundle
To where such harshness
And that secret keeping
Never dared to touch her.
Afraid of loneliness no more.


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