Three Poem Featured in Degenerates Voices for Peace: Domestic Violence Edition

Happy news everybody! I’ve been trying to submit my work regularly for the past month or so, when I have the time and energy anyway, and the first one to come through is now live: Weasel Press’s Degenerates Voices for Peace: Domestic Violence Edition featured three of my poems.

I join eighteen other poets discussing the subjects of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and violence culture, things that regular readers likely know resonate deeply with me. Prior to my current work, I was employed at an intimate partner violence shelter (which one of my featured poems directly references) and before that I had volunteered with a local branch of Sexual Assault Support Services, in addition to having personal experiences with sexual violence and supported friends coming out of domestic violence situations.

Take a moment to check out the poets in Degenerate Voices for Peace. There are some really amazing pieces in there, including a few that challenge classic poetry conventions (which I’m always super down for). You can find videos of me reading my featured poems here on this blog: Not Your Metaphor (TW)I Hear Screams (A Poem About Working with Would-Be Survivors), and Blow-up doll (TW).


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