Every Girl Should Have a Poem Written For Her (FINAL)

She sings of coffee—
But I’ve written this poem before—
All black and softly steaming—
Only it was years ago, I’m sure—
And creamy swirling, a kaleidoscopic cloud—
There was a time before that, even then—
And bitter brown upon the tongue—
If I might return, just once again—
Slowly waking, rising sun—
I think I wouldn’t, my then-dear, old friend—
Fingers limber now, stiff and cold by nature—
I wondered often, why can’t we sing together?
Just together, just today—a frosted night?

Because she sang of secrets kept
Whispers swept
Away and under rugs—
Loyalties gauged and weighed and then

At last


Aha! I had finally finished my self-imposed, Richard Brautigan-inspired challenge. I wrote these for a month, requiring myself to write additional poems for days that I skipped (hence there being more than your average 30/31) and I managed to complete my little challenge to myself with 34 poems (of varying quality, if we’re going to be honest).

And this very last poem is interesting to me in the same way that #33 was interesting to me. This poem was written for another woman that I have since had a falling out with, though this falling out was different. It was quieter and more passive but brought with it a whole lot more negative feelings which have hung on quite tightly for a whole slew of reasons I won’t go into here. However, I did more revision on this one than I did on #33 so that the final product more accurately reflects my ultimate feelings and perspective on this person and the situation we found ourselves in, whereas I didn’t feel the need to do that with #33 due to my lack of sticking anger.

Oh, the marvels of revision!

So there you have it! My completed project/writing challenge. If any readers have undertaken their own challenges/prompts along these lines, I would absolutely love to see them! If you have a challenge of your own or follow another writer who is undertaking a challenge, feel free to leave a link in the comments so I can check it out.


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