‘A Beautiful Resistance’ is here!

I’m a little belated in announcing this but hey! Better late than never, right? A Beautiful Resistance is finally here!


Not only that, but my contribution, Is It Any Wonder? has been featured on the Gods & Radicals website as a teaser for this issue. Go ahead and check it out! It’s free! 😉

In addition to this, my series over at Huginn’s Heathen Hoff is finally complete! I started by looking at attitudes toward the jötnar is modern (primarily American) heathenism and moved forward from there to look at historical evidence and some theories, as well as literary analysis of two primary sources, Adam of Bremen and the Eddas, and took all of this into account to make an argument in favor of modern jötnar worship. Finally, I made my closing statements, and surprisingly enough I haven’t received too much backlash (not that I’m disappointed! I am pleasantly surprised).

If you’re here for the paganism, I feel confident that you’ll find something of interest to pursue in all of that! If you’re here for the poetry, well…all of that may not be as exciting. Never fear, however — I have one major piece of writing that was recently accepted for publication which is totally secular. This is good news for me, too, as I’m not fond of the idea of pigeonholed into pagan writing (though I do enjoy it as a devotional and religious act, it’s not my primary goal as a writer).

My story entitled “Only A Dream” is not only a major non-pagan story to be published in a non-pagan publication, it is also potentially the weirdest and most grotesque story I’ve written to date (and still not poetry — sorry). I would easily classify it as a bit of body horror, which I fully did not expect to ever be able to place, let alone place in my first try! It’ll be published by Scary Dairy Press in an anthology titled “Terror Politico,” which should be an absolute delight if the recently released cover design is any indication.

Hopefully I’ll have more to update y’all on soon, and in the meantime I’ll try to get you some poetry to tide you over properly!

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