We are the non-believers

Running to and fro.

Wheeling barrows full

Of food to hungry mouths–

We are the non-believers

Sitting up late at night

Giving gentle counsel

To children lost in fright.

We are the non-believers

Helping to uplift

All those who’ve fallen down

The poor and the down-trodden

The forgotten and oppressed.


Judge us here and judge us now.

Condemn us to your Hell.

Wring your hands

Fret and quake

For we’ve no cross to bear–

No sight so unholy

As doing good only

By motivation of the whip.


Here we are, we non-believers

Knowing full and well just who we are–

With open arms we’ll welcome in

Those exiles and broken ones

Neglected and abused.

Hospitality and community

Our truest guiding light and faith–

That brand of sin

We won’t let in:

Punitive and reckless dins

The cruelty

Hypocrisy and bigotry–

That has no place



For we are rainbows

And we are scholars

Righteous do-ers and action-takers

And if it’s such

A blight on  your sight

The lack of gold or cross on our throats

We recommend

You close your eyes

And get a fucking life.


*written in From the Mind of Sandie Kae


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