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Despite the makeup of this blog — that is, poetry, critiques and reflections, and some spiritual writings — my primary writing focus is fiction. I have a plethora of short stories in the revision phase as well as three novels in revision. With any luck, one of those might be available on the shelves of a bookstore near you, but until then I want to give you a taste of my writing by sharing with you poetry and here, in this lovely little “About,” providing a small portfolio of some of my published works.

Still in the budding stage of my authorship, I may not have a whole plethora of work to offer you in book format, but I do have a variety of writings published in corners of the internet. For instance, though my primary focus in writing is not spiritual/devotional in nature, I have carved out quite a little corner of devotional material over at Eternal Haunted Summer, a quarterly pagan ezine. Among my most recent works published there are:

Not Forgotten
Dear Brother
Far Away
What Remains

Some of my other published writings include the poem “A Monologue for Jocasta” published in the Spring 2014 edition of Unbound, the University of Oregon’s creative arts journal and my essay “The Deconstruction of Narrative Framing in David Markson’s Wittgenstein’s Mistress” in Nomad. More recently Good Mourning Media published their newest collection Unconventional Love featuring a story of mine which, alas, succumbed to an editorial error which cut off the first several pages.

My short stories have additionally been included in anthologies including My Wandering Uterus, Terror Politico, and Beneath Yggdrasil’s Shadow, as well as in magazines such as A Beautiful Resistance. My contribution to A Beautiful Resistance, “Is It Any Wonder,” can be read here. Recently I’ve been added to the blogging team at Divine Multiplicity, where I’ve expanded my spiritual writing a bit. You can find more of my writings along these lines at Huggin’s Heathen Hoff. My essay “Sacred Symbols Becoming Battlegrounds,” originally presented at Paganism and Its Discontents in collaboration with Cherry Hill Seminary and University of South Carolina Institute of Anthropology & Archaeology, is due for publication within the coming year.

To get more of my writing you can additionally follow me on Goodreads, where you can see a full list of books in which I’ve been featured.

Thank you for your interest and your support, and happy reading!

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    1. Hey, sorry it took me a while to get back to you! I’m poking around to see what might be going on, and it looks like a little button *should* pop up near the bottom of the page as you scroll down with the option to follow. That’s if you’re looking at it on the website and not the phone app anyway. I’ll look at the app as well.


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