Mists of Avalon Review

Review from Goodreads My relationship to this book has changed drastically since I learned of the accusations against Bradley by her own daughter, but much of what I had felt about it in the past remains the same. Being the story of the struggle between paganism and Christianity, and in this context of matriarchy vs. […]

Kybalion Review

From Goodreads I would have rated this better, for the ideas included are often interesting and the philosophy is tightly woven with the most modern science at the time of writing, which I appreciate, but I despised the writing style. It was unnecessarily lofty and had a tendency to draw itself out unnecessarily, eventually reminding […]

Psyche in a Dress Review

From Goodreads It’s always a little strange for me to return to Francesca Lia Block. When I was in high school she was easily my favorite author, and for good reason: her language is poetically evocative, colorful, vibrant. Her stories are about teenagers growing into adults, undergoing all of the typical changes that entails, but […]

Popol Vuh Book Review

From Goodreads The history behind this cultural and religious narrative is both fascinating and tragic. It is this history which drew me to read the Popol Vuh, and it is laid out along with classical narrative and poetic structure used by the Quiche people and some narrative about how this particular translator came to work […]

Sometimes A Great Notion Review

Shared from Goodreads It’s difficult to know where to even begin with this book. I picked it up shortly after reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in high school, then let it gather dust for a decade. I finally started reading it because it felt, well, thematically appropriate, given that I’m living in a […]

Publications Update and…..give away?

I took a wee bit of a break after publishing my series on the history and lore of the jötnar, but I’m back at it: today I’ve published my first more personal piece over at Huginn’s Heathen Hoff, “A Personal Encounter with History and Spirit.” Goes well with yesterday’s post, I think! Also, I am […]

Exploring My Wandering Uterus

Off and on since I returned from my nine-month stay in Sweden, I’ve been working on writing about pilgrimage. By its nature, writing about pilgrimage is writing about the spiritual — there is no way to get around that, and yet the idea of pilgrimage as related to pagan practice seems relatively…ignored, to put it […]