Let us not silently slip into the dark But break as does the dawn into day And waves over stone Thundering with the roars of a thousand Boudicaas Shrieking with the passion of a thousand Joans Keening with the righteous power of a thousand Jezebels Let us rend this day asunder With hands which bear […]

Mists of Avalon Review

Review from Goodreads My relationship to this book has changed drastically since I learned of the accusations against Bradley by her own daughter, but much of what I had felt about it in the past remains the same. Being the story of the struggle between paganism and Christianity, and in this context of matriarchy vs. […]

An Ongoing Regret: Sam

This morning while scooping the kitty litter, I was out of nowhere hit by a tasty blend of anger, resentment, and regret over what I perceive to be one of my many failures. This is not abnormal—I am somewhat regularly struck with this tasty blend, often for no particular reason. It’s one of those semi-intrusive […]