Reflecting on the Dhammapada (3/26)

“As the fletcher whittlesAnd makes straight his arrowsSo the master directsHis straying thoughts.” The ideal here is the ability to exercise absolute control over your own mind and thoughts. In a way, might this be a form of exercising absolute autonomy? The ability to exercise control over how your thoughts are directed…though would this not […]

Book Reviews

Being the doof that I am, I kind of forgot that I had written some book reviews recently. Lilith: The First Eve and Inanna: Lady of the Largest Heart are both reviewed by yours truly in the Winter Solstice 2018 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer. If you’re into scholarly writings, or paganism, or some sweet […]

Paganism and Trauma

Long time no see! Apologies for another long absence — life has been very lively lately, and I haven’t had much chance or energy to do the regular blog thing, but I have been trying to keep up with my writing. Recently I had a two-part exploration of trauma published over at Huginn’s Heathen Hoff. […]

Savior Spring

When the snows recede and daylight takes its due And the frosty soil warms, opening, fertility renewed.   Eostre some will call — Ostara, goddess spring But even she will tell you, she’s not quite what they think.   The festivals are ancient, the fresh life born anew Out of long cold winter, dark nights, […]

A Pagan’s Pilgrimage

I followed my gods When they took to the wing On a pilgrimage long — 9 month To the day. Like homecoming would be A birth a new — And in the meantime I’d follow the gods Coursing with ancestors in my veins Out to the snowy fields. Beat my breast And fog my breath […]


The water was the one Enemy who’d bested him And flowed within his bones. He’s wielded knives and broken bottles But the sea had filled his lungs — How bright blood-red sunlight On choppy waves it shone. It was just a man Who gave him his life back Water beaten out of his chest — […]

Untitled Poem #Umpteenth

The gods in all their wisdom Bore themselves like fruit — A universe on the head of a pin And vast, unknowable To marvel at itself.   And to look upon all this awesome beauty Born out of the sheer will of life Humanity in perilous youth Giving up life’s sacrifice The gods’ delight Or […]