Let us not silently slip into the dark But break as does the dawn into day And waves over stone Thundering with the roars of a thousand Boudicaas Shrieking with the passion of a thousand Joans Keening with the righteous power of a thousand Jezebels Let us rend this day asunder With hands which bear […]

Cult of Death

Of the bounty of life I see nothing quite clear —   Looking beyond great seas and mountains There’s just one thing I hold dear —   In this cult of death It isn’t life we savor —   Salivating and straining for Only what lies later —   The taste of strawberries holds for […]

A God Such As This

Why must this god be So unrepentant cruel? Does he only mirror those In whose eyes he is beheld? What kind of god then is a mirror — Existing only in adherents’ hate? What a small and sorrowful thing Collectively they create.

Savior Spring

When the snows recede and daylight takes its due And the frosty soil warms, opening, fertility renewed.   Eostre some will call — Ostara, goddess spring But even she will tell you, she’s not quite what they think.   The festivals are ancient, the fresh life born anew Out of long cold winter, dark nights, […]

Sin City

Craving on this city corner A mouthful of good soup — The things they’ll make you do.   Shivering and craving — It’s not the gambling that’s the sin. A closer look and see Look too hard and you’ll certainly be sick.   That girl was lonely in the mall Wearing blush and practicing a […]

A Pagan’s Pilgrimage

I followed my gods When they took to the wing On a pilgrimage long — 9 month To the day. Like homecoming would be A birth a new — And in the meantime I’d follow the gods Coursing with ancestors in my veins Out to the snowy fields. Beat my breast And fog my breath […]