Sin City

Craving on this city corner A mouthful of good soup — The things they’ll make you do.   Shivering and craving — It’s not the gambling that’s the sin. A closer look and see Look too hard and you’ll certainly be sick.   That girl was lonely in the mall Wearing blush and practicing a […]

A Pagan’s Pilgrimage

I followed my gods When they took to the wing On a pilgrimage long — 9 month To the day. Like homecoming would be A birth a new — And in the meantime I’d follow the gods Coursing with ancestors in my veins Out to the snowy fields. Beat my breast And fog my breath […]


He’s married. She’s beautiful. I’m in love And doing well.   There’s a dozen rooms In my bursting heart Where I can live And share a room with him Another with her And yet another with Another lifelong partner.   Our paths as intertwined And asymmetric As Nordic knots on old-worn stones Our fates laid […]


We are the non-believers Running to and fro. Wheeling barrows full Of food to hungry mouths– We are the non-believers Sitting up late at night Giving gentle counsel To children lost in fright. We are the non-believers Helping to uplift All those who’ve fallen down The poor and the down-trodden The forgotten and oppressed.   […]

Book Give Away!

I know I’m not really the level of writer to be doing a give away and yet, I need to make space on my ridiculously overcrowded bookshelf (the shelves are sagging under the weight and there are still more books that don’t even have a place on the shelf, guys, it’s tragic). So I’ve pulled […]


The water was the one Enemy who’d bested him And flowed within his bones. He’s wielded knives and broken bottles But the sea had filled his lungs — How bright blood-red sunlight On choppy waves it shone. It was just a man Who gave him his life back Water beaten out of his chest — […]

Save Yourself

Find truth within yourself Don’t wait for someone else to say For your heart is within reach Your mind is sharp and keen It’s the breath in your lungs keeps you going And the scraps you save for yourself —   Don’t wait for a knight or a savior You’ve got your own damn hands […]