Every Girl Should Have a Poem Written for Her (17)

J___ Poetry mistress Word mother Grey fedora Tipped over Flower side One ear Beneath long Flower child Hair colored Red tinted Golden tawny Elegant arched Eyebrow glittered Long lashed Gleaming eyes Regal Pharaoh Nose curling Pink lips Coy, joy A laugh Within that Long, sweet Throat of Marble or Perhaps porcelain Sweet bird— Trill laugh […]

Flood the World: Day 22

The election won’t embolden the assholes, they said. And yet… Denying services like this is an obvious, overt attack on women’s healthcare and women’s right to choose how to govern their own bodies. It is also an attack which more subtly but more directly targets women of color and women in poverty.

Flood the World: Day 20

The article is back up. Maybe the website was just sad the day I made this one, but now that it’s back up, I feel very sad that this was a real incident, not one that was made up or exaggerated. I wish these things didn’t happen. I wish this wasn’t the world we lived in.