“To Be A Slave” Book Review

From my Goodreads Reviews This book is incredibly powerful. The commentary from the editor, however, at times leaves much to be desired. Everything from making pretty racist remarks about Native Americans (namely that they were too lazy to work as slaves or that their societies were primitive and this contributed to their supposed laziness??) to […]

Review of “Number the Stars”

This isn’t the first time I’ve read this book and won’t be the last. It opens up doors to learning about this exceptionally horrific period of history, which is something that I’m increasingly appreciating about children’s historical fiction. This book is not eventful, that is something to be aware of. It tackles a terrible period […]

Review of “A Wrinkle in Time”

Finished this today with my sixth grade group. My main takeaway is that this book seems aimed at a much older audience, based simply on the difficulty of the subject matter. This book is a blend of a science fiction and fantasy, taking scientific and geometric concepts and stretching the definition/using those concepts loosely as […]

Review of “Julie’s Wolf Pack”

From my GoodReads Review At last, I’ve finished re-reading this trilogy from my childhood. The last installment is, somewhat predictably, not as good as the first two books. It wavers between being a narrative and an informative text and fails to blend the two aspects together with the same ease that the first two did. […]