Paganism and Trauma

Long time no see! Apologies for another long absence — life has been very lively lately, and I haven’t had much chance or energy to do the regular blog thing, but I have been trying to keep up with my writing. Recently I had a two-part exploration of trauma published over at Huginn’s Heathen Hoff. […]

Savior Spring

When the snows recede and daylight takes its due And the frosty soil warms, opening, fertility renewed.   Eostre some will call — Ostara, goddess spring But even she will tell you, she’s not quite what they think.   The festivals are ancient, the fresh life born anew Out of long cold winter, dark nights, […]

A Pagan’s Pilgrimage

I followed my gods When they took to the wing On a pilgrimage long — 9 month To the day. Like homecoming would be A birth a new — And in the meantime I’d follow the gods Coursing with ancestors in my veins Out to the snowy fields. Beat my breast And fog my breath […]

A Pagan Poem for Good Measure

O Moon who blessed me with strength That I might know who I am– O Sun who illuminated me In wonder for the blooming around me– O Ancestors running in my blood And the memory of your gods who called me– O Loki dancing wild In wild moon and blistering sunlight– O Sigyn kind and […]

Publications Update and…..give away?

I took a wee bit of a break after publishing my series on the history and lore of the jötnar, but I’m back at it: today I’ve published my first more personal piece over at Huginn’s Heathen Hoff, “A Personal Encounter with History and Spirit.” Goes well with yesterday’s post, I think! Also, I am […]

Exploring My Wandering Uterus

Off and on since I returned from my nine-month stay in Sweden, I’ve been working on writing about pilgrimage. By its nature, writing about pilgrimage is writing about the spiritual — there is no way to get around that, and yet the idea of pilgrimage as related to pagan practice seems relatively…ignored, to put it […]

Apologies and Announcements

First, I do want to apologize for my becoming-rather-consistent absence. I haven’t had much in the way of poetry to share lately, in large part due to my general inability to get to poetry readings these days, but I have returned to work on a novel that’s been gathering dust for over a year. It’s […]