Reflecting on the Dhammapada (10/26)

“All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.” It is the natural state of living things to crave to continuance to life. It is natural to fear the death — the ultimate unknown, and the ultimate opposite of the survival drives we all experience. The last extinguisher of those drives. Violence is […]

Reflecting on the Dhammapada (9/26)

“Be quick to do good.If you are slow,The mind, delighting in mischief,Will catch you.” Perhaps here “quick” is less the word we’re looking for. “Diligent” seems a better option — one must be diligent and consistent in that diligence to develop new habits. Doing good is something we can develop the habit of doing — […]

Reflecting on the Dhammapada (5/26)

“How long the night to the watchman How long the road to the weary traveler How long the wandering of many lives To the fool who misses the way.” In essence — these things which are dreary, dull, and stretch out inevitably before us give us a frame through which to view the idea of […]

Reflecting on the Dhammapada (3/26)

“As the fletcher whittlesAnd makes straight his arrowsSo the master directsHis straying thoughts.” The ideal here is the ability to exercise absolute control over your own mind and thoughts. In a way, might this be a form of exercising absolute autonomy? The ability to exercise control over how your thoughts are directed…though would this not […]